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Help to Get Your Business Plan Started

It takes courage to start a business and even more to write a top quality business plan. Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal steps just to have your business name! So we offer a simple guide to get your started and hopefully down the path to
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In his 2013 election campaign, Tony Abbott promised his government would build a world-class “five pillar economy”, encompassing manufacturing, agriculture, services, education and mining. It is increasingly obvious that the unbalance in this commitment relies solely on mining. The prices of exported goods over the past year have stabilised or fallen, particularly for iron ore,
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Starting Change Management

Starting change within your organisation can be daunting and complex. Here is a guide to assist with effective management of change. Managing organisational change will be more successful if you apply these simple principles. Achieving personal change will be more successful too if you use the same approach where relevant. Change management entails thoughtful planning
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Sad Demise of Motherhood

I hear the nasty, mean, cruel, vindictive voice of the unhappy mother as it echoes across the playground. I see the effects reverberate through the games and playful spaces of our children. A voice, which becomes their conscience and embeds in their thoughts and actions. It’s evidenced in the increasing number of bullies, in the
Sixsa, Life, Change, Challenge
Being a good friend is challenging. I even categorise my friends into zones. In my world there’s basically three zones. Only my husband sits in zone 1. He knows all the good stuff, the embarrassing stuff, and the tough stuff but he’s cool with it. He even tells me he loves me so I shared most
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Good kids get good things. Naughty kids get Nothing. This sentence has been repeated by all four of my children for more than 20 years. This simply sentence to a small child has massive implications in the simplest of ways. It simply means that in our household positive behaviour is celebrated while negative behaviour has

The biggest loser in Mining…

Have you met my friend Tom? He’s also the biggest loser in mining. Tom’s a fitter who works fly in/ fly out for a major mining company in Australia. He has extensive experience in the mining industry and has worked for the same company for more than 10 years. Tom holds heaps of tickets and has

Ethics in Social Media

Huge massive tiptoe territory here! Ethics in social media is a tough area to look at. The perspective, most would say, comes down to the individual’s views and opinions right? Last week I watch two gentlemen walk through neighbouring properties and rifle through letterboxes. They wore gloves and hoodies and behaved in a manner that
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12 Principles for Ethical Leaders

Ethical values, translated into active language establishing standards or rules describing the kind of behaviour an ethical person should and should not engage in, are ethical principles. The following list of principles incorporate the characteristics and values that most people associate with ethical behaviour. 1. HONESTY  Ethical executives are honest and truthful in all their dealings
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Favours for everyone! Honesty we’ve all been there. Trying to grow a business and ending up doing favours for family or friends. You offer to do something which costs you in either time or money or both. Helping a mate out. Lending a hand. Doing the right thing. The problem is when your favour ends
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10 Tips For Growing Your Small Business

Starting a small business takes dedication and a heck of a lot of hard work. It can be easy to lose focus on the reasons you started in the first place.  We’ve put together 10 tips to keep your small business on track and growing. 1. Develop and Maintain Your Company’s Mission – Basically what
How to Develop Policies and Procedures An overview of the stages in policy development. Policy development involves identifying need, gathering information, drafting, consulting and review. Stages in policy development The following steps summarise the key stages involved in developing policies: 1. Identify need Policies can be developed: In anticipation of need (e.g. child protection policies
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Every day, managers and employees need to make decisions that have moral and ethical implications. And those decisions impact their companies, company shareholders, and all the other stakeholders in interest. Conducting business in an ethical manner is incumbent upon everyone in an organisation for legal and business reasons. And as a manager, it’s important to
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Small Business Development Client – Instant Fence Hire OUR ROLE: At Sixsa we worked with Instant Fence Hire to implement a digital marketing plan for his business.  This included a comprehensive website and ranking development. This meant Neil could focus on his work while we worked to develop his online business for growth. This business is
Continually monitoring and looking for ways to improve workplace operations  in small business can help an organisation stay on financial track. It can also help provide specific direction for employees, which can lead to improved time management and increased productivity. Use care in oversight techniques, as some forms of monitoring, such as cameras and computer
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Key Strategies for Good Customer Service

Good customer service is key to business growth and development. Happy customers can mean repeat business and growth through word of mouth advertising. Some points to implement in your business to develop a strong customer service focus should include: Communication Every business needs to be able to communicate its mission or purpose clearly. Communicating this to
Sixsa, ethics, business development

Building a Solid Small Business

Running and scaling a small business will always be challenging. But having a solid foundation of smoothly operating practices underlying your company can make it much easier. To find out how successful entrepreneurs were building their operations, we asked 13 founders from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question: “As a business owner, what do
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Key To Mastering Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a vital necessity for any business making its name in the business world. It can become a little confusing to determine what is the best social strategy to use, keeping in mind, the burgeoning numbers of social media platforms and the complexity of data analysis. In addition, many business owners
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Looking for Fairytales…

Why the heck am I always looking for fairytales? The happy ending to every story. The ‘and they all lived happily ever after’. I am raised on this stuff. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty…childhood classics. I am an avid reader of somewhat questionable books all with happy endings. Some I’ve read numerous times because they’ve made me
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Time Management Versus Family

Time management when it comes to families is tough. I don’t know how many articles I’ve read that provide tips and tricks to manage your time. Oh, its all so organised and free thinking and family friendly. The lady’s in the pics always look so lovely. Their houses so fresh, clean and spotless. So the
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Direction is tough. So many ideas…

so little time! My head is always racing with ideas. Always looking for the next way or new idea or big adventure! Its ridiculous. I am always searching for things that take time and patience but want it now. The need to grow and develop ideas is not something I’m good at. I’m wishy washy
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Structure for Business Growth

My daily home life seems fairly flexible. We eat dinner between 6-7pm. I don’t have a timetable I have a list of things that need to get done. I don’t have a specific shopping day or a meal planner. What I do have is structure. My kids get up at the same time every morning
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Waiting for Business takes time…

Probably about half my time I spend waiting. For the coffee machine. My husband to come home. Waiting for my kids to finish school so I can see their smiling faces. Checking my phone to see if the weather is going to cool enough for me to get stuff done outside. Waiting for some work to
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Beginning your Passion means Business..

Okay you have an idea you’re passion about right? Everyones going to love it. In your future you want to do a job that makes you happy, one which you love and finally find fulfilment in. You’ve honestly been thinking about for such a long time. Trying to find the courage to actually make it happen.
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